Nikki Lane to Perform on Conan!




Sounds Like: “If Kris Kristofferson and Loretta Lynn had a baby; raised her on Motown, Leslie Gore, and the Clash; then let her join an all-girl hotrod gang at 15 (not that she would have asked permission.)” – Rolling Stone/ 10 New Aritsts You Need To Know This July

“She's country by virtue of her places of origin as much as anything else; aside from a slight twang and a tendency toward wordplay, Lane just as readily resides in the worlds of rock 'n' roll, confessional singer-songwriters, and impeccably groomed girl-group throwbacks.” – NPR First Listen

Nikki Lane is thrilled to announce she will make her television debut on Conan Monday, August 4. The Nashville-based musician, recently singled out in both Rolling Stone’ssummer and July “10 New Artists You Need To Know” features as well as a breaking artist print profile, will proceed the late night bow with a performance at KCRW’s “Country in the City” free all-ages outdoor concert series at Century Park in Century City, Calif. on Saturday, August 2 where she will perform alongside Wynonna Judd and The Big Noise in conjunction with the Annenberg Space for Photography’s newest exhibit, “Country: Portraits of an American Sound.” 
RSVP here: http://www.kcrw.com/events/country-in-the-city-2014-rsvp
Ahead of the concert, KCRW has invited Lane and her band to perform live on “Morning Becomes Eclectic” Thursday, July 31 and give a glimpse of what to expect for their big show. Yesterday, the chanteuse made her World Cafe debut where she played a rousing four-song set and had a conversation with host David Dye about music, fashion and their intersection. Listen here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/world-cafe/2014/07/24/334484149/nikki-lane-on-world-cafe
Since Lane’s record, All Or Nothin’ (New West Records), produced by Dan Auerbachof the Black Keys, was released in May, she’s steadily been on the rise as her “bold, idiosyncatic sound” (NPR) has struck a big chord. The album has garnered raves from the press with Salon hailing it one of “the best of 2014 – so far,” Paste exclaiming she “defies convention,” and Bust calling her “nothing short of sensational, adding “Lane has the ability to effortlessly mix and showcase different genres through her skillful songwriting and artistry.” American Songwriter declared: “Lane is a firecracker, strutting her sweet, sultry yet spunky vocals over tight country rockers that exude a self-assurance –both sexual and artistic—on a dozen tracks that feed on the past but are in no way locked into it,” Boston Globe called the album “the sound of a strong woman asserting herself in music and not giving a damn how you feel about it,” and Elle said Lane “hits that sweet spot between country-music earnestness and muddy rock grit.” About a recent show, Hollywood Reporter remarked: “With echoes of Jackie DeShannon and Dusty Springfield, this emerging Queen of Outlaw Country made timlessness real.”

Lane is currently impacting at radio across a variety of formats. She’s been top 10 at non-comm for the last six weeks and is steadily climbingly at commercial Triple A radio. She was #1 on  the Americana radio chart for four consecutive weeks and was one of just five artists to reach the #1 spot this year.
Lane has been on the road since the album’s release, having most recently completed a headline tour and support runs with the Old 97’s and The Whigs. She will continue to tour extensively through the end of the year and will announce a tour soon. In Octobershe will play both weekends of the Austin City Limits Music Festival and make her first trip to Australia for the Out on the Weekend Festival in Melbourne
August 2 – Century City, CA @ Century Park – KCRW’s Country in the City
with Wynonna Judd
August 9 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
October 5 – Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Music Festival
October 12 – Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Music Festival
October 18 – Melbourne, AUS @ Out on the Weekend Festival

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CROPPED OUT 2014 Announced, September 26-27

"Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating."
- John Cage, 1937


WE'RE BACK. Mark your calendars. Water your plants. Buy a top hat for your newborn. Cropped Out 2014 is upon us, and with artists ranging from the Marshall Allen (born Louisvillian)-led Sun Ra Arkestra -- also known as one of the greatest musical groups to have ever walked this planet, or any other for that matter -- to the raw-nerve nuances of LA's minimalist punk legends, the Urinals...there's just really no way of turning back now.

Cropped Out is a 100% DIY, independently-developed gathering of musicians occurring annually in Louisville, KY, USA. Now in its fifth straight year (time flies when you're lacking funds), this charmingly strange and truly unique event highlights the creative efforts of Louisville natives and fellow thinkers from the backwoods of Kentucky to neon glow of international metropolises.
Since the earliest baby-breaths of punk from within the walls of the now-defunct Louisville School of Art, recalling echoes of late-'70s proto-punks like No Fun, Babylon Dance Band, and our very own Cropped Out veterans The Endtables (not to mention the embryonic Squirrel Baits, Bastros, and Slints to come), it’s no secret that Louisville’s cultural contributions have long served as a significant influence on national underground art and music scenes.
What our "festival" (for lack of a better word) intends to define is a renewed sense of enthusiasm about Kentucky’s cultural offerings by pairing some of our favorite acts in the Bluegrass State with similarly progressive and expressive examples from alternate alleys of the world. The result? Well, one wild, wonderful weekend on the banks of the Ohio River, filled with food trucks, cheap drinks, vinyl vendors, art installations, merchant booths, tattoo artists, horseshoes, basketball, an idyllic backdrop of birds, boats, and barges, all while witnessing one-of-a-kind, intimate performances from artists like Jandek, Scratch Acid, Neil Hamburger, Lil B, Pissed Jeans, Wolf Eyes, Angel Olsen, Endless Boogie, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Mayo Thompson & so many more.
Cropped Out exists solely as a celebration of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, to be briefly met by a niche appreciation if not a decade-spanning career. We're the ones who are listening. We'll be waiting on the boat dock with open beers, open ears, and open arms. Now you know where to find us...
Friday & Saturday, September 26th and 27th 2014
American Turners River Road
3125 River Road
Louisville, KY 40207
Sunday, September 29th 2014
Closing Party w/ White Reaper, Protomartyr, Tropical Trash, and Wishgift

at Fresh Start Growers' Supply
1007 E. Jefferson St
Louisville, KY

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White Fence @ The Echo

White Fence is playing at THE ECHO tonight Thursday July 24th 2014.

photo: Angel Ceballos
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Wire Document And Eyewitness re-issue out August 18th

Wire Document And Eyewitness Re-issue Out August 18th On Pink Flag
Stream "Revealing Trade Secrets" at The AV Club 
Listen: "Revealing Trade Secrets" via AV Club or SoundCloud
Listen: "12XU" (Fragment) via SoundCloud
Wire's Document And Eyewitness will be released on August 18 on Pink Flag and the album is available for pre-order here. The AV Club premiered "Revealing Trade Secrets," and described the track by saying "twitchy, icy and obliquely melodic, it never appeared on any of Wire's studio recordings - but it would have been right at home on masterpieces like 1979's 154." The track is also available to post and share via SoundCloud.
When informed that Wire were planning to reissue Document and Eyewitness, Rough Trade boss
Geoff Travis (who released the original vinyl version in 1981) commented that the band were "completely mad."
Such is the reputation of Document and Eyewitness - an entry in Wire's discography that has had as many vehement detractors as enthusiastic supporters.
For those unfamiliar with Document and Eyewitness, it really doesn't do the album justice to
describe it simply as a collection of live recordings from three turn-of-the-80s Wire gigs. What makes it more than that is the unorthodox nature of the main performance and the way it was presented on record.
The centrepiece of the original vinyl release was a recording of the final gig of Wire's 70s phase (albeit one that took place in February 1980). This was a concert at the Electric Ballroom that grew
out of the band's performance art-based residency at the Jeannetta Cochrane Theatre the previous November.
Delivering a traditional rock gig - or even fully realized songs, for that matter - was not a priority at the
Electric Ballroom, and Wire's set was composed of largely new (and often under-rehearsed) work, accompanied by a series of artistic actions and interventions. The annotated track list gave some indication of the band's broader approach to performance and entertainment on the night: this included such delights as an individual beating a gas cooker with a hammer, a woman pulling two bound men across the stage, an illuminated goose and massed percussionists sporting newspaper headdresses. One band member donned an exaggerated beekeeper's veil, while others wore morris-dancing bells. Veering back and forth between the playful and the unsettling, this was a combination of performance art and absurdist farce, in more or less equal measure.
The evening was memorable, above all, for the unusually hostile reaction from sections of the audience, which has perhaps elevated it beyond a simple passing moment. If the crowd was expecting a standard gig, the level of outrage, expressed in vociferous abuse - and with the odd thrown bottle - suggested that the band's intentions were lost on those in attendance, who were instead confounded, bored and exasperated by the apparent artistic pretensions on display. What is beyond doubt is the fact that the documentation and presentation of the spectacle has lent an air of seriousness and intentionality to something that was considerably more about experimentation than deliberate career choice. 
A recording (marred by technical issues) was made for posterity, and by spring Newman, Lewis, Gilbert and Grey had begun to pursue their own projects beyond Wire. A year on from the Electric Ballroom gig, however, Rough Trade came to the band with a proposal to commit something of that night's events to vinyl. The approach was to couple selected live tracks with a spoken commentary on the proceedings by long-term Wire fans Adrian Garston and Russell Mills. Hence the title,
Document and Eyewitness.
For the album, the Electric Ballroom material was supplemented with recordings from a July 1979 show at the Notre Dame Hall (a straightforward band performance), along with one track ("Heartbeat") from a March 1979 gig in Montreux, during Wire's stint as the support act on Roxy Music's Manifesto tour. 
This release-cycle provides a wider view of the period, bringing in as much additional material as can be accommodated within the confines of the media. It takes as its core the Electric Ballroom, Notre Dame Hall and Montreux shows (remastered from the original tapes and pitch-corrected where necessary) and adds further texture with studio and rehearsal room recordings. 

Document And Eyewitness Cover Art 
DOCUMENT AND EYEWITNESS (DOUBLE VINYL) PF21 LP: Packaged in a gatefold sleeve. Disc 1 is the same as the original vinyl, albeit remastered and re-edited. Disc 2 features the original selection from the Notre Dame Hall show on side one and the two singles and B-sides on side two.
Disc 1
Side One: 
01. 5/10 / 02. 12XU (Fragment) / 03. Underwater Experiences / 04. Everything's Going to Be Nice / 05. Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) / 06. We Meet Under Tables
Side Two: 07. ZEGK HOQP / 08. Eastern Standard / 09. Instrumental (Thrown Bottle) / 10. Eels Sang Lino / 11. Revealing Trade Secrets / 12. And Then... Coda
Tracks 01-12 from Electric Ballroom   
Disc 2
Side One: 
13. Go Ahead / 14. Ally in Exile / 15. Relationship / 16. Underwater Experiences / 17. Witness to the Fact / 18. 2 People in a Room / 19. Our Swimmer / 20. Heartbeat 
Side Two: 21. Our Swimmer / 22. Midnight Bahnhof Cafe / 23. Second Length (Our Swimmer) / 24. Catapult 30
Tracks 01-12 from Electric Ballroom. Tracks 13-19 from Notre Dame Hall. Track 20 from Montreux. Tracks 21-22 from "Our Swimmer" (1981) single. Tracks 23-24 from an unreleased 1981 single. 

LEGAL BOOTLEG SERIES: To complete the second legal bootleg series, the full, unedited gig recording of each show will be released (digital only). These will be:
09th March 1979, Pavilion Montreux (PFB 708) 
01. Another the Letter / 02. Practice Makes Perfect / 03. 2 People in a Room / 04. I Feel Mysterious Today / 05. Being Sucked In / 06. Blessed State / 07. A Question of Degree / 08. Mercy / 09. A Touching Display / 10. Former Airline / 11. French Film Blurred / 12. Men 2nd / 13. Heartbeat
19th July 1979, Notre Dame Hall, London (PFB 707) 
01. Go Ahead / 02. Ally in Exile / 03. Being Sucked In / 04. Relationship / 05. Midnight Bahnhof Cafe / 06. Underwater Experiences / 07. Blessed State / 08. Witness to the Fact / 09. I Should Have Known Better / 10. Safe / 11. Lorries / 12. 2 People in a Room / 13. A Question of Degree / 14. Our Swimmer / 15. I Am the Fly / 16. Heartbeat / 17. Strange
29th February 1980, Electric Ballroom, Document and Eyewitness Naked (PFB 806)  
00. Eyewitness Accounts / 01. 5/10 / 02. Request Spot/12XU / 03. Underwater Experiences / 04. Everything's Going to Be Nice  / 05. Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars) / 06. We Meet Under Tables / 07. Inventory / 08. ZEGK HOQP / 09. Eastern Standard / 10. Instrumental (Thrown Bottle) / 11. Ritual View / 12. Part of Our History / 13. Eels Sang Lino / 14. Revealing Trade Secrets 15. And Then... Coda
For more info, please visit:  

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Riot Fest Chicago Announces Single Day Tickets On Sale

Chicago’s Riot Fest and Carnival Announces
Single Day Tickets On Sale Now,
Daily Band Schedules

(Chicago, IL) –The much anticipated single day tickets to Chicago’s Riot Fest and Carnival are now on sale, and organizers have released the daily band schedules. The Cure, The National, Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, Flaming Lips, Slayer, Social Distortion, Descendents, Tegan and Sara, The Offspring, Wu-Tang ClanMetricSamhain and Cheap Trick (among a slew of other incredible bands) on 7 stages at Humboldt Park September 12-14.

Riot Fest celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with an expanded footprint in Humboldt Park and more bands than ever before. The Carnival will also be expanded and food options will range from funnel cakes to gourmet food trucks. The circus will be staged daily and there are more features to be announced soon. Green space, killer food and drink and a wonderfully diverse line-up combine for maximum fun! Watching bands from the top of the Ferris Wheel while looking out on the gorgeous Chicago skyline makes Riot Fest a truly unforgettable experience.


Jane's Addiction, Rise Against, Slayer, The Offspring, P*ssy Riot (Nadya Tolokonnikova & Masha Alekhina), NOFX, Gogol Bordello, Of Mice & Men, Mastodon, The Murder City Devils, Failure, Circa Survive, Clutch, GWAR, Stiff Little Fingers, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, We Came as Romans, Senses Fail, All, Title Fight, Emarosa, Pity S*x, From Indian Lakes, The Hotelier, Radkey, Pianos Become The Teeth, Red City Radio, Baby Baby, Wounds, Plague Vendor, Somos, Ughh, My Parents Are Here

The National, The Flaming Lips, Wu-Tang Clan, Samhain, Descendents, Metric, Taking Back Sunday, Die Antwoord, City and Colour, Paul Weller, The Used, The Afghan Whigs, C*ck Sparrer, Dashboard Confessional, Saosin w/ Anthony Green, Say Anything, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Tokyo Police Club, The Dandy Warhols, The Get Up Kids, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Streetlight Manifesto, Buzzc*cks, Face To Face, Marky Ramone w/ Guests, Wavves, The Orwells, RX Bandits, Samiam, 7 Seconds, Anti-Flag, Frnkiero And The Cellabration, Citizen, The World Is A Beautiful Place..., Lemuria, The Pizza Underground, Nostalghia, Skaters, The Unlikely Candidates, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, The Bots, Broncho, The American Scene, Restorations, The Picturebooks, Rose's Pawn Shop, The Crombies, Ex Friends

The Cure, Weezer, Social Distortion, Primus, Tegan and Sara, Cheap Trick, Patti Smith, Bring Me The Horizon, Dropkick Murphys, Naked Raygun, Superchunk, Billy Bragg, The Hold Steady, Blue Meanies, Lucero, New Found Glory, Mudhoney, Hot Snakes, Thurston Moore, Motion City Soundtrack, Andrew W.K., Bouncing Souls, Kurt Vile & The Violators, Mineral, La Dispute, Only Crime, The Menzingers, The Front Bottoms, Silverstein, The Whigs, In The Valley Below, Modern Baseball, I Am the Avalanche, Laura Stevenson, Cerebral Ballzy, PUP, Dads, Show You Suck, Lucki Eck$, My Gold Mask, Tiny Moving Parts, Team Spirit, Survay Says!, Chumped, Archie Powell & The Exports, Ur Lineup Sux, Bro

On top of the flagship festival in Chicago, Riot Fest will also take over Toronto (September 6-7), and Denver (September 19-21). Tickets for all 3 fests are on sale now at www.ticketfly.com and lineups can be viewed at www.riotfest.org. As previously promised, more news and announcements are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Toronto's Riot Fest & Expo(9/6-9/7) at Downsview Park
Chicago's Riot Fest & Carnival(9/12-9/14) in Humboldt Park
Denver's Riot Fest & Sideshow(9/19-9/21) at Sports Authority Field at Mile High

City and Colour * Metric * The National * Billy Talent * Rise Against * The Flaming Lips * Social Distortion * Death Cab for Cutie * Death from Above 1979 * Brand New * Paul Weller * AWOLNATION * Stars * The Head and the Heart * Dropkick Murphys * Die Antwoord * Tokyo Police Club * The New Pornographers * Taking Back Sunday * Bring Me the Horizon * The Afghan Whigs * Alkaline Trio * Glassjaw * Bob Mould * Thurston Moore * Buzzc*cks * Clutch * New Found Glory * Circa Survive * Manchester Orchestra * Lucero *  Title Fight * Bad Suns * Citizen * Lemuria * Mounties * PUP * Nostalghia * Radkey * Rubblebucket * Pentimento * Broncho * The Hotelier * Laura Stevenson * The Beaches * Somos * Restorations * Say Yes * Seaway * Wounds  * Little Big League

The Cure * The National * Rise Against * Weezer * Social Distortion * The Flaming Lips * Primus * Slayer * Sublime with Rome * Wu-Tang Clan * TV on the Radio * Descendents * A Day To Remember  * NOFX * Die Antwoord * Dropkick Murphys * Bring Me the Horizon * Gogol Bordello * Violent Femmes * City and Colour * The Used * Taking Back Sunday * Manchester Orchestra * New Found Glory * Lucero * Failure * Hot Snakes * Me First and the Gimme Gimmes * Clutch * Bouncing Souls * Face to Face * Glassjaw * Buzzc*cks * Dum Dum Girls * Bob Mould * Stiff Little Fingers * All * La Dispute * Mineral * We Came As Romans * The Expendables * 3OH!3 * The Menzingers * Big Freedia * The Orwells * Passafire * Larry and his Flask * Nostalgia * Skaters * In the Valley Below * Dads * Pianos Become the Teeth * I Am The Avalanche * Radkey * Cerebral Ballzy * Red City Radio * Wounds * The Unlikely Candidates * Sole and DJ Pain 1 * The Bots * Tiny Moving Parts * Plague Vendor * My Body Sings Electric

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Orenda Fink shares new track "Holy Holy"

Orenda Fink Shares New Track "Holy Holy" With American Songwriter
New Album Blue Dream Out August 19 via Saddle Creek
Photo credit: Bill Sitzmann 
 "Blue Dream floats in a state of meditative weightlessness suspended by plentiful pop hooks. Fans of Kate Bush should be pleased by the results." - Entertainment Weekly
"Orenda Fink embraces spirituality and mysticism along with 
more challenging songwriting." - Pitchfork 
"Fink's voice is lush, full, seductive, vulnerable, mature, and innocent at various 
times, and on rare occasions, all of those qualities at once." - Pop Matters

"Lovely and visceral all at once." - Paste

Listen: "Holy Holy" via American Songwriter or SoundCloud
Orenda Fink will release her new album, Blue Dream on August 19 via Saddle Creek. American Songwriter has premiered "Holy Holy" from the album. Orenda said, "I wrote 'Holy Holy' when I was mournfully struggling over themes of mortality. How can we love so deeply when we know that all relationships will end in death? And what happens to that love then? These were the questions on my mind, driving me to search my heart for an ounce of transcendence. I literally wept while I was writing it. I feel like the production of the song is an extension of those emotions. Ben Brodin's swimmy guitars and the angelic voices of Christine Fink and Pearl Boyd perfectly expressed my feelings musically." Blue Dream can be pre-ordered now on CD and LP in the Saddle Creek online store. Fans that order the deluxe LP (Blue and Coke Bottle vinyl) will also receive a bonus Blue DreamDream Journal handmade and inscribed by Orenda Fink. The blank journals, limited to 100, are hand screen printed originals made from vintage re-purposed books. Orenda is guest editing Magnet Magazine all week. Topics have included dreams, Alejandro Jodorowsky, tropical islands & the perfect martini. Check in for daily updates and read their feature here.

Throughout her time with Azure Ray and over the course of her solo career, Orenda Fink has never shied from exploring the darker edges of spirituality and the human condition. On her debut solo album
 Invisible Ones, Orenda explored traditional Haitian ritual and mysticism. She then followed that up with an examination of the Southern Gothic subconscious on Ask the Night. Needless to say, death has been visible in much of her music. On her latest album, Blue Dream, she looks deeply at the subject, reflecting upon a year-long meditation on death that started with a dog named Wilson and the words of Laurie Anderson.

"Just look at yesterday, and what you were doing, and how important it was, and how nonexistent 
it is now! How dreamlike it is! Same thing with tomorrow. So where are we living? Tibetans 
have unbelievably fascinating answers to that. This is what I'm studying because 
my dog died."  - Laurie Anderson 
Orenda was sent this quote by her friend Nina Barnes after Wilson, Orenda's dog of 16 years, died. That year she found herself on a deeply personal search for the meaning of death. Pieces of answers, coded in riddle, came to her in dreams. Her dreams began to tell a story - about life and death and the afterlife, reality, and the fine line between the conscious and subconscious world. 
She then spent the next year understanding the experience and filtering it through the musical inspirations of Smog, Violetta Parra, and Kate Bush to craft Blue Dream. The album truly came together at ARC in Omaha, NE with the help of producers Ben Brodin and Todd Fink (The Faint), along with drummer Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans, R.E.M., King Crimson).

Lead single "Ace of Cups" starts the album off by using the Tarot symbol of attunement and spirituality to explore the interconnectedness with the world and humanity that even death cannot undo. The haunting "Holy Holy" examines them directly with lines "We come into this world all alone/and we leave with not much more" and "I lay in bed/collect all my dreams/then I pay/someone to read them to me/the simple ones are just as they seem/but open your eyes/and they say so much more." Whereas "All Hearts Will Beat Again" displays ideas Orenda came to understand upon reflection in lines "It's a sign in the eyes/something in your smile/it's a nod and a wave from the darkness/but our hearts will beat again/and the love we gave will come back/but I don't know where or when."

Writing the album allowed Orenda to contemplate the experiences that precipitated it and explore new perspectives gained over the past year. This process left her with the belief that we can only be truly healed if we find our "interior God." How do you find your interior God? There are many ways, but she believes one of them is through dreams. Dreams being the closest way to have a direct experience with the all-knowing past, present, and future.

1. Ace of Cups (stream)
2. You Can Be Loved (stream)
3. This Is a Part of Something Greater
4. You Are a Mystery
5. Holy Holy (stream)
6. Blue Dream
6. Sweet Disorder
7. Poor Little Bear
8. Darkling
9. All Hearts Will Beat Again  

For more info, please visit:

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Angus & Julia Stone - Grizzly Bear


“Grizzly Bear” is Angus and Julia’s latest track to be unveiled from their forthcoming and highly anticipated Rick Rubin produced album“Angus & Julia Stone” out August 1st (American Recordings/Republic Records).

The melodious and up-tempo, Fleetwood Mac-esque track was written and recorded in California and was brought to life thanks to Rubin’s ears and direction in the studio. As described by Rubin himself, it is the Sydney-born, Californian based siblings own "poetic depth” that carries and makes this album and track so very special.

Stream "Grizzly Bear" now on youtube and pre-order “Angus and Julia Stone” the album here.

Watch the video for the official U.S single ‘A Heartbreak’ here.

10/06 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
10/07 - The Regent - Los Angeles, CA
10/08 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
10/10 - Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, BC
10/11 - Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR
10/12 - Neumos - Seattle, WA
10/14 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
10/15 - Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO
10/17 - Majestic Theatre - Madison, WI
10/18 - Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN
10/19 - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL
10/21 - Opera House - Toronto, ON
10/22 - Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre - Montreal, QC
10/23 - The Sinclair - Cambridge, MA
10/25 - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue - Washington, DC
10/27 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
10/28 - Bowery Ballroom - New York, NY
10/29 - Union Transfer - Philadelphia, PA

“Australian siblings Angus & Julia Stone consistently put out spectacular recordings…” – KCRW

“The whole thing is heart-breakingly beautiful and brilliantly recorded...” - BBC

“Angus and Julia are truly unique musicians.  They are authentic and pure people who do things from the heart.”  — Rick Rubin

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TOPS announces new LP + Shares new song + Tour dates




Credit: Rebecca Storm

TOPS have announced details of their much-anticipated new album and are sharing the lead single "Way To Be Loved". The Montreal-based four-piece will release Picture You Staring on September 2nd which will be available on Vinyl, CD, Digital and Cassette via Arbutus. The album follows the recent single for "Change of Heart / Sleeptalker" - both of which appear on the new album. They'll also be playing a handful of shows in support of the release, catch the band at the following dates: 
Tour Dates:
July 30th - Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall TICKETS *
August 29th - Montreal, QC @ La Vitrola (Album release show)
September 19th - Montreal, QC @ Sala Rossa (Pop Montreal)
* w/ Blood Orange
WATCH: "Change of Heart" - http://youtu.be/zBXI9_-sRMc

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Death Valley Girls Premiere 'Electric High' On Brooklyn Vegan

Death Valley Girls Premiere 'Electric High' On Brooklyn Vegan, Announce West Coast Tour With Shonen Knife

"Electric High" EP Out August 19th

Tour Dates:
Jul 27 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo (Part Time Punks) ^
Aug 16 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo Park Rising
Aug 31 - North Folk, CA - Bandit Town Allnight Campout
Sep 30 - Los Angeles CA - Echo *
Oct 4 - Joshua Tree CA - Babes Rideout 2014
Oct 7 - San Diego CA - Casbah #
Oct 8 - Los Angeles CA - Bootleg Theatre #
Oct 10 - San Francisco CA - Bottom of the Hill #
Oct 11 - Portland OR - Dante's #
Oct 12 - Seattle WA - The Tractor #
^ w/ Majik Markers
* w/ La Luz
# w/ Shonen Knife

Not much is known about Death Valley Girls. It's part of their allure;
shrouded in mysterious overtones and a ghoulish blend of bluesy psychedelia and '60s garage fuzz.
Death Valley Girls are proto-punks of the modern age; so raw that their sound seems inspired by the 'caveman rock' of the Troggs.
Their debut "Street Venom" (Burger Records)  doesn't seem to fit any neatly constructed genre; it's stripped-down rock 'n' roll with epic compositions that venture into trippy acid rock territory.    
Death Valley Girls...the rebellious spirit of a motorcycle gang on the run.

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Tiny Ruins Announces Fall Tour with Sharon Van Etten




New Zealand singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook is currently on tour in North America, playing songs from her new album Brightly Painted One, out now on Flying Nun Records.

NPR premiered the video which was shot, directed and even edited by Neil Finn while the two were touring together in Europe last month. Bob Boilen writes "Fantasize your ideal love. With that in mind, write the most gentle, serene love song. I imagine that Hollie Fullbrook, a.k.a. Tiny Ruins, did that here."

Tiny Ruins will return to the US later this year to join Sharon Van Etten on her fall tour. The combination is simply a perfect musical paring of two of the best voices and songwriters right now. All dates with Sharon Van Etten are are below as well as her current run of dates. 

Tour Dates / 
07/23 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar
07/25 Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Musical Festival
07/26 Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Music Festival
07/27 Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Music Festival
07/29 Winnipeg, MB - The Park Theatre
07/30 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue and 7th Street Entry
07/31 Iowa City, IA - Trumpet Blossom Cafe
08/01 Chicago, IL - Hideout
08/04 Toronto, ON - The Garrison
08/05 Montreal, QB - Casa del Popolo
08/06 Allston, MA - Great Scott
08/07 Washington DC - DC9 
08/09 New York, Ny - Mercury Lounge (early show)
08/10 Brooklyn, NY -Baby's All Right 
Wed 10/08  Detroit - Loving Touch *
Thu 10/09  Columbus - Wexner *
Mon 10/13  Iowa City - Gabe's Oasis *
Tue 10/14  Champaign - High Dive *
Wed 10/15  St. Louis - Luminary Arts *
Fri 10/17  Dallas - Kessler Theatre *
Sat 10/18  Austin - Mohawk *
Mon 10/20  Atlanta - EARL *
Tue 10/21  Asheville - Grey Eagle *
Thu 10/23  Carrboro - Cat's Cradle *
Fri 10/24  Charlottesville - Jefferson *
Sat 10/25  Baltimore - Ottobar *

* with Sharon Van Etten

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Generationals Announce Fall North American Headlining Tour


"'Gold Silver Diamond' is perfect for a summer evening. Think of it as an ambient electro soundtrack to the segue from day to night. Enjoy it with a fruity frozen cocktail and as many bikini-clad cohorts as you can find." - Esquire
Akasha Rabut

New Orleans-based indie-rock duoGenerationals are pleased to announce their upcoming fall North American headlining tour. Touring in support of their soon-to-be-released full-length album titled Alix, the tour will begin on Tuesday, October 7 in Houston, TX at Fitzgerald's Downstairs and will visit markets such as Atlanta, GA on Friday, October 10, Washington, DC on Saturday, October 11, Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, October 12, New Orleans, LA on Friday, October 17, Chicago, IL on Thursday, October 30, Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, November 12, and culminate in a performance at Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, BC on Monday, November 17. Support on the run will be provided by Arum Rae and Springtime Carnivore on select dates, and information on tickets can be found on Generationals' official website,http://generationals.com.

Helmed by notable producerRichard Swift (The Shins, Tennis, Foxygen) and being released onTuesdaySeptember 16 viaPolyvinyl Record Co., Alix, Generationals' forthcoming album, reveals itself as perhaps the band's most confident record yet, full of history and as multiphase as members Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer's long-standing friendship. "Gold Silver Diamond," Alix's buoyant first single described by Joyner as "a feel-good party track that is about emptiness, despair, and the meaningless futility of life" is now streaming online via SoundCloud HERE.  
Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, friends since high school and Generationals co-captains since 2008, have been in each other's faces for most of this century. Natural songwriting partners, they made their first three records at home with the help of mutual friend Daniel Black, and in 2013 they launched straight into their fourth with surprising post-tour energy. But after years of creative brain-melding, the dyad had reached a point of ultra-familiarity and comfort in their work routine that, to them, threatened quicksand. They began to suspect their own productivity of being rut in disguise.

Determined to keep things fresh, they sought out a new producer in Richard Swift, the renowned singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who they felt would be able shake things up, surprise them and bring something new to the project. The Louisiana duo then made their way, yellow brick road-style, to Cottage Grove, Oregon, ready to give their tapes over to Swift's cultishly venerated magic touch, but the collaboration was hardly the scrap-it-all, start-from-scratch, give-up-the-reins-and-let-the-guru-do-his-thing scenario Joyner and Widmer had expected-hoped for even-when they began their pilgrimage to the producer's National Freedom studio in February. Swift deemed the demos album-worthy after all and the original versions were saved at his urging. With a little tightening rather than a vibe transplant, the songs solidified into a cohesive, finished record.

"I looked at the demos objectively and really just helped organize the sounds into something that was sonically cohesive," Swift said. "I knew they spent a lot of time on their own, on their headphones creating these beats and bells and whistles and felt no need to drastically change them." 

Built up with layer upon layer of rhythmic lines, computer noises, RZA beats and poppy vocals that sometimes sound like a Janet Jackson/Prince face-off, Alix is everything Joyner and Widmer like about music-old and new, vinyl and YouTube, vocal chord and microKORG-gathered up from everywhere and arranged with great care into a good-smelling, subtly sexy, catchy-or-die mish-mosh of sensibilities and time-warp senselessness. It is an album lightly peppered with that signature Swiftian element but undeniably Generationals in taste. As Swift had decreed: "'tis a good idea, to tear down and rebuild, but it's not always necessary to start from scratch."

Generationals will be touring North America throughout the fall in support of Alix. Tour dates below.

07 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald's Downstairs *
08 - Dallas, TX - Prophet *
09 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon *
10 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn *
11 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall *
12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg * 
15 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree *
16 - Hattiesburg, MS - Thirsty Hippo *
17 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks *
28 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar 
29 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop 
30 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall 

02 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
12 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour &
13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel &
15 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile &
16 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge (early show/all ages) &
16 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge (late show) &
17 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret &

* = Arum Rae supporting
& = Springtime Carnivore supporting 

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